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Made of 100% mulberry silk, Silk & Style silk pillowcases are incredibly smooth, soft, cozy, and cool. It prevents unnecessary friction between traditional cotton pillowcases and your hair and skin, reducing damage to the skin and hair while you are sleeping. 

Silk & Style silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic, it helps to prevent skin inflammations/skin irritations/skin allergiesmaking it perfect for anyone who struggles with eczema, acne, and nose allergy.

Silk pillowcase’s natural non-absorbent qualities also significantly reduce moisture loss from your hair and skin, keeping your expensive skincare on where it should be. 10x skincare effectiveness

You can wake up the next morning with glowing dewy skin and spend lesser time grooming your hair, with easy-to-managed curls, lesser hair knots, and effortless sleek hair in the blink of your eyes.

Designed with Silk & Style signature unique sheen, our silk pillowcases are also a sophisticated way to add a posh and luxurious look to your bedding set and dress your pillow in smooth, sensuous silk.


Machine Washable

Use a delicate machine wash cycle and laundry basket

Incredibly Soft

Prevent face creases by eliminating frictions between your skin and pillowcase

Less Absorbent than cotton pillowcase

Doesn't "suck" your skincare products and eye cream

Stay cool throughout the night

It's just divine. No need to turn the pillow again.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Prevent skin allergies, nose allergies, skin inflammation and sensitivity

100% Pure Mulberry Silk

No synthetic fiber, no low quality silk, no cotton

Certified by Multiple Authorities

6A Grade Mulberry Silk. Organic. Suitable for Babies & toddlers.

Use only Natural Fabric Dye

Chemical free. One less thing to worry about when you drift off to sleep

Not easily snagged. Highly durable.

No more acne when accidentally scratched the pillowcase with your fingernails

Luxurious Looking with our Silk & Style™ unique sheen

Add posh look and luxurious feel to your bedroom

Our unique luxurious look

Using our expertise – we perfected mulberry silk with ultimate one-of-a-kind shine, incredibly smoothness and durability.

premium quality


Guaranteed mulberry silk

Thousands of positive reviews

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